In our time of uncertainty, especially given the political and environmental situation, I felt compelled to put together images and texts based on an 11-day journey through Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), America's last great wilderness. The ANWR has been making headlines since 1980 when part of the refuge, the coastal plain (1002 area), was set aside for the study of its oil and gas potential. This has resulted in a fierce political debate over whether or not a pristine area of the refuge should be exploited for oil exploration.

The book's objective is to transmit the experience of a personal journey through untouched wild land. My hope is to engage in a dialogue about the incalculable value of this endangered wilderness and the effect that its preservation will have on our lives and future generations.

The content:

The book in its present form is divided into two sections; a color section (21 images) and a black & white section (23 images) and contains the following written texts:

— Foreword
— Background and some facts about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)
— Thoughts from an 11-day journey into Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
— Captions for color images
— Titles for black & white images
— Essay by Adam Levy: Arctic Dreams
— Acknowledgement and biographies